Unified Backup System Solution

Windows | Windows Server | Linux | MacOS

Main Features

  • Support for Windows, Windows Server, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems
  • Fully configurable, from individual files and folders to full HDD and backup 
  • Integrated Microsoft Exchange backup available
  • Intelligent incremental backups for best speed and performance
  • Hybrid Backup – local and cloud in a single pass to save time
  • Industry standard end-to-end encryption to secure data in transit and at rest
  • Image-based backup for Windows
  • SQL Server backup with full, differential or transaction log backup
  • Back up your network locations including network shares, NAS devices, mapped drives, etc.
  • Application aware
  • Compression and de-duplication to enable faster backup times  
  • Versioning and smart data retention settings
  • Bandwidth control 

Advanced Options

  • Restore individual files / folders from file, image, and virtual machine backups
  • Fast file search using the internal integrated catalogue
  • Item-level restore from Exchange database backup
  • Restore entire systems from image backups to same or different hardware
  • Bare Metal and VM restore to Amazon EC2, Azure VM
  • Backup your VMware ESXI or Hyper-V Cluster
  • Item-level restore from Hyper-V and VMware backup
  • Windows System State Backups

Security Focused

Backup your Windows Desktop, Servers , MS SQL Server and MS Exchange with a fully compliant provider

UBS provides enterprise oriented and cost-effective backup for your Windows desktop computers and servers, MS Exchange and MS SQL Server. We store your data securely and encrypted at rest in EU datacenters. If you need to achieve faster RTO we can deploy a local accelerator to recover your data in minutes.

It ensures security of your backups by encrypting all the data before sending it to the cloud and it’s also encrypted at rest, providing ransomware protection. All our backup solutions are geographically replicated ensuring 99.99999999% availability.

Single Pane Of Glass

Manage and keep control of all your backup tasks with a single pane of glass

We can provide you with a secure online management console where you can keep track of all your backup tasks and take action without having to connect to the backup client.

  • Centralized management and monitoring using a secure web-based console
  • Remote installation and job deployment
  • Remotely configure new backup tasks or start a new backup restore
  • Advanced reporting

Specific Backup Solutions

Image-Based and MS SQL Backup

Block-level volume snapshots are taken and sent directly to the cloud, allowing dissimilar hardware or virtual machines restores.
  • Backs up all or selected volumes
  • Doesn’t require space on the local drive — backup server to the cloud directly
  • Reduce the amount of uploaded data and accelerate full backup creation with Synthetic Full Backup
  • Full and differential backup of MS SQL Server
  • Transaction log backup
  • Predefined backup templates
  • VSS-based backup of Microsoft Exchange
  • Local backup accelerator

MacOS Backups

Fast forever incremental backups with Synthetic Full Backups available 

  • Backs up only modified or new files
  • Backs up only modified or new portions of files
  • Doesn’t require space on the local drive — backup server to the cloud directly
  • Back up your network locations including network shares, NAS devices, mapped drives, etc.
  • Maintain correct file structure and backup only what you need.

File Recovery

  • Restore to the original or to another machine
  • Run now, delay the launch or run restore on schedule
  • Select the point in time to restore to
  • Restore symbolic links
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